Would you like gluten free?

Hands up if you’ve got a food allergy Do you struggle eating out because of unclear information or a lack of knowledge? I’d love to hear your experiences! Especially the good ones, let’s shout out the food businesses who actually know what’s in the food they serve. I’m also a huge believer in education and if you query something, they’re …

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It’s already that time

It’s already that time With mistletoe and wine Where the balancing act, it begins Managing emotions flowing like oceans And that well-meaning comment or grin Expecting my child to hug and to kiss Relatives and friends that he’s never missed The looks of distain as I offer again An alternative high-five or blown kiss We teach them to know, their …

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How it goes

For a while I thought That’s just how it goes That everyone’s mind works in prose Each moment a sonnet Distracted and far from it As the mind song ebbs and it flows