BBC Radio Manchester 2013

Delving into the archives this week after one of the Totally Locally branches asked for some context on the campaign. Totally forgot we got a mention on BBC Radio Manchester back in 2013! Julie aka realfoodfans (a follower of the campaign on social and shop local supporter) had told the fab (and now-ex BBC Broadcaster) Sam Walker about the campaign and we got a shout out! Feels more poignant this year than ever to shine a light on shopping local, supporting the high-street (in store and online), small businesses, producers and makers. There is a second link lurking somewhere where a couple of weeks after this Sam rang me back for a short interview where student-me waffles on and doesn’t let Sam get a word in edgeways – cringe! Then in my floundering talking about how I can’t be trusted in a supermarket as I leave with DVD’s and other such unnecessary items like….yogurt. LOL What I’d meant to say was multi-packs of things which are likely to go out of date before you eat them! Anyway….that interview might stay buried in the archives but for now here’s the wee shout out!