Happy Getting Older Day Papa

New born baby, no sleep and my Dad’s birthday was fast approaching. There’s only so much time you can kill at 3am online shopping, reading parenting blogs and trying to work out if the little one needs changing, winding or feeding (again!). So penned this wee poem below for my Dad…

Celebration and jubilation

For on this day you are

But one year older, one year wiser

Happy Birthday my dear Papa

So the pondering starts of what to get

Of what trinkets you would treasure

Something for the racing car perhaps

Would that give you pleasure?

Or what about your feathery friends

Is there something they could need?

A thick braided button leash or jesses for you to tether

But without the knowledge you possess

We’d just be buying you some leather!

Don’t mention that fateful year

When a fishing trip seemed fitting

Upon arrival and inspection

The tackle was less than permitting

We know you like a tipple or two

Of the zero alcohol persuasion

But after a search on the World Wide Web

Nothing new could be found for the occasion

To find something you’d dearly love

Is all we strive to do

As your daughter you’d think I’d know it all

But unfortunately that’s not true

There’s a new kid on the block this year

He’s been 9 months in the making

The gift of life you might agree

Is quite an undertaking

He’s bestowed upon you a new name

A new job title that’s for sure

He’ll look to you for pearls of wisdom

Wisdom only a Papa can assure

Do we wrap him in a bow

Or pop him in the post

Matching outfits the way to go?

Ooo tartan finery for you both!

So inspired by your creative tongue

Of writing books and poetry

Years of hearing your wonderful way with words

I thought, let’s give this guy one from me!

Hop in that car, even bring an owl!

Don’t worry, we’ll pick up the plonk

We’d love you to come to ours for tea

Our door is always open if you want

Not so refined or as well crafted

But hope you like these words from me

Big birthday hugs being sent your way

From Andy, Noah and Lottie…