#local4lent 2021

Don’t give up chocolate, beer or bread this year, give up supermarkets and shop #local4lent instead.  

Wednesday 17th February – Saturday 3rd April 2021 – are you up for the challenge?

Back in 2012 a chance conversation between two strangers on Twitter and the #Local4Lent challenge was born.

Religious or not, many people choose to give up various things over the 40 days of Lent, often spurning much-loved foods like chocolate or bread. But what if you could spend Lent meeting fab people whilst supporting your local economy? Buying delicious handmade chocolate at a farmers’ market, hand crafted beer from a local micro brewery and freshly baked bread from that great little family run bakery down the road…sounds good doesn’t it!

We know it’s not always easy to shop locally especially if there aren’t many independent shops where you live. But we think with some careful planning and a bit of effort it’s possible to take on the #Local4Lent challenge and give up your favourite supermarket for just 40 days. Yes the supermarket is convenient (and we all love a bit of that!) and we’re not saying its all bad – but have you ever stopped to take a minute and really consider what you’re purchasing? Where it’s come from, who makes it, where is it produced, how far it has travelled? Or more importantly is your hard-earned cash circulating back into your local economy? Each year we find that some people taking part in the challenge choose local for their weekly food shop, some for all their groceries, others setting their own targets. We know when it comes to filling your car with fuel or buying shampoo, things can be harder but this challenge is about changing habits and it’s up to you what parameters you set. So we’ve put together 5 top tips to get you ready for the challenge! 

1. Get organised. Find out the opening times of your local market, greengrocers, butchers, corner shop, farmers’ markets, health food shop etc. for all your day-to-day needs. OR if you’ve got birthdays coming up too, find out about craft fairs and online independent shops on Facebook, Etsy or Twitter. 

2. Research. Shopping local can be convenient too. Are there local organisations or farms who can deliver meat or veg boxes straight to your door? There are lots available and this can make supporting local businesses truly timesaving. 

3. Eating out. Try to look for independent restaurants or cafes – often they will use local produce, which is a huge bonus as profits are more likely to be spent in your local community. Unless you’re in lockdown – in which case keep supporting those independents offering takeaway services, they need you right now.

4. Think outside the box. What other things do you buy which could be bought locally? Do you have a local brewery or independent chocolate shop? Can you buy gifts, cards, clothes, furniture and even soap from independent businesses local to you or through their website? 

5. Get Talking. You’ll be surprised how many local businesses will recommend other independent shops if you’re struggling to find an item or what new recipe you might discover after asking your butcher for cheaper cuts of meat. Share your discoveries with your friends and family – and don’t forget to share with #Local4Lent too on social media! 

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