Market Community

I love this place 😍 honestly Preston Market and the wonderful traders have the ability to lift my mood, make me feel safe, make me laugh and obviously they have incredible food on offer too! The sense of community is just so lovely. It properly feels like a hub of all good things. The boy knows many of the traders names and I absolutely love that. You know what it’s like when you find your people – online or in real life it feels amazing right? Over the 11 years we’ve lived in Preston we’ve shopped at Preston Markets to some degree or other. Back in 2009, the lure was the student discount with your NUS card, that now feels like a distant memory. But now several years on from that the reason we keep coming back (apart from the incredible produce) is the people. There are so few places these days where I think you can feel that deep sense of community. I’m a village girl and grew up right in the heart of all that. Well as cheesey as it may sound, the market is my village. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in another post but it’s genuinely one of the reasons we still live in Preston.

Anyway, yesterday I had a panini from Pickles of Preston and it was incredible, as always! Mozzarella, tomato and pesto. That pesto is SO yummy and doesn’t contain pine nuts which is a serious win on the allergy front. Today I’m at home eating leftover veg lasagne, which is yummy don’t get me wrong! But I’m definitely craving yesterday’s sandwich. Freshly made by the lovely Nikki at Pickles, thanks!

I have SO much more to say on the markets and I’ll basically tell anyone who’ll listen all about how fab they are. Given the chance (after pandemic) life, if you come visit I’ll take you. More on this gorgeous place in future posts, for now I’m going to dream about that delicious panini.