Most random food experience

Where do I start….not sure I can choose just one! The most mad was probably liver, bacon and onions cooked on the edge of Loch Ness in Scotland – we were running short of cash on a long camping trip – we literally pulled over, got the camping stove out and threw on some liver we’d got free from a butcher when we’d purchased some bacon. In fact on the same trip I remember cooking in a wok on a camping stove in a service station car park (again saving cash) – my fella nipped in to the loo, I said I’d whip up some lunch from our supplies and wearing a skirt and heels I squatted on a grass verge and rustled up some lunch! Got a pic somewhere, I look ridiculous.

Although to top all that my niece (aged 4) asked me for a princess castle cake with turrets for her birthday and at that age you can’t explain that you’re good at making cakes which taste nice but not so good at the presentation part. So I embarked on a week long after-work project swapping sleep for cake making and with the aid of my husband and to everyone’s complete disbelief including mine…created a two tier princess castle with brick stencilling, 4 turrets and pretty pink vines climbing up the sides!! Think I’d actually gone mad by the end of that process, then carried my husband carried it on his knee in the car on the hottest September day you’ve ever seen, 76 miles across the country where my careful cocktail stick and jam construction was tested to the limits! All to please a 4 yr old….tasted good though! What random situations have you got into involving food? Comment and let me know.